The collection

CMB collects your used cartridges, destined for destruction, to re-manufacture them or recycle their materials.


Your cartridges are empty? Don’t throw them away!

CMB France has set up a collection system for your office waste and provides you with recycling containers


Online collection service


CMB France has implemented an online system for collecting
to trigger support your used cartridges.


Why send us your cartridges?

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    Because the consumption of new cartridges is growing year by year.

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    Because one laser cartridge takes around 1000 year to degrade.

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    Because 11 million cartridges were sold in France in 2014, which represents 19,400 tonnes of empty cartridges.

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    Because one laser cartridge contains 1.5 kilos of plastic, aluminium and other non-biodegradable substances (like iron oxide, nitrate, etc).

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    Because producing the plastic for one new laser cartridge shell requires 2.5 litres of oil.

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    Only 20% of the millions of OEM laser cartridges sold are re-used.